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You will conduct two observations of one student with ASD. One observation should be during a structured activity (e.g., academic learning) while the other is in an unstructured setting (e.g., playground). Each observation should last at least 30 minutes. A form will be posted in the assignment dropbox that will indicate what to observe. This form should be used for each observation (so you will complete two forms). Complete the form during or after each observation and write a two to three page paper summarizing your behavioral observations regarding the student s communication use, prompting levels in a variety of tasks, social interactive skills, on/off-task behavior, and need for reinforcement. The summary paper should be no longer than three pages. Students will submit two observation forms (one for each observation) and the 2-3 page paper (in FSEHS assignment format)
The observation form is attach to the uploaded file.

Observation Form:

Students Name: [Use initials or refer to Child 1]
Dates of Observations: _________ and __________ Age: ________
Type of Classroom: (circle) Self-contained Resource Regular Education Other
If other, please describe:
Services the student receives:___________________________________________________
Describe the classroom environment:

Communication Issues/ Observations:
Most prevalent form of communication: (circle)

Verbal Pictures voice-output Sign Other _______

Describe any initiations of communication to others you observed:

Describe any responses to others’ communication you observed:

Social Skills Observations:
Describe the students interactions with peers including the types of prompts he needed to interact with peers.

Teaching Strategies:
Describe the types of prompts the student required:

In a 10-minute period, estimate or count (specify which) how many prompts the student required to remain engaged and complete a task.

Based on your observations, what types of activities or items are most reinforcing for this student?

Conclusions: (Briefly sum up your observations and provide suggestions about future programming).

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