Written Assignment #3 Information: Company adidas

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Perform an External Factor Evaluation (EFE) on the external environment of your chosen and approved corporation. The critical thing to remember about this analysis is that you should develop a thorough understanding of the external opportunities and threats you have identified. Because of the importance of factor knowledge, you MUST acquire a minimum of one APA citation for each and every external factor discussed. Remember to include an APA in-text citation to correspond with your APA listing in the References section at the end of your paper. Your analysis MUST include a chart similar to the one attached to these instructions.


I have provided a pre-formatted MS-Word EFE Matrix template for you to use with this assignment Written Assign 3 EFE Matrix Template.docx Written Assign 3 EFE Matrix Template.pdf . Save the file, add your External Factors and Numbers, and then only paste the table, not the entire document. A complete matrix would be as follows: Written Assignment 3 EFE Example Chart.pdf Parameters: EFE Choose 6-10 external factors for analysis, 5 maximum opportunities and 5 maximum threats (total factors will depend on the nature of the industry). Each factor should be presented and discussed completely under its own heading. An APA-format citation MUST be included for each factor listing where you found your information. Five pages or less (excluding chart). Chart must begin the assignment and be on one page only. APA format paper, no cover page. APA first page header. APA 1″ side, top, and bottom margins. Double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman font. Note: All external factors should be derived from your external research; i.e., you should not present speculation, made-up/fictitious personal beliefs and assertions, or “common knowledge” as researched factors. You must therefore, only present factors that you can prove through your research and citations. Plagiarism will result in a zero for this assignment.

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