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A. Select an important Social Ethics issue and discuss in detail the arguments for both most prominent sides of the issue, stating several key points for each side. b. Relate each key side of the issue examined to the ethical viewpoints and theories we have studied in the course (Virtue Ethics, Duty Ethics (Kant), Utilitarian Ethics, etc.), and indicate whether the ethical viewpoint is a factor in the arguments for either or both of the 2 main sides of the issue you have selected (for example, you may find that side A of your chosen issue is using mainly a duty argument similar to Kant’s). c. Also discuss whether the issue you have chosen involves the logical fallacy of False Alternative (aka False Dilemma, Either/Or Thinking, etc.) and whether it could be more helpfully and insightfully viewed as a spectrum, range, or scale of possibilities, rather than as an “either/or” option. Here is a link to a website that explains False Dilemma (False Alternative)– https://www.thoughtco.com/what-is-a-false-dilemma-1690851 * Start by making a careful summary the opposing sides of the issue you have chosen to discuss. What were their main concepts and definitions, what were their distinctions? State their arguments and include “direct quotes”, specific references from their work. * Be sure to identify and explain the major differences between the two author’s views. How do they define a key concept or make a major distinction differently? * State which view you prefer (in other words, state which you think has the stronger argument).

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