Why is discharge planning is important for people over 65 coming from hospital in the UK

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To have the knowledge and critical understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles underlying nursing practice on the topic on discharge planning for older people coming from hospital in the UK, and use informed by current thinking and practice developments. show evidence of critically evaluating your practice using techniques of analysis and enquiry To have ability to synthesise, critically analyse and challenge information, arguments and assumptions from different sources To have the ability to critically evaluate how your project has impacted in the hospital setting, seeking ways to improve your performance and identifying areas for future development To have ability to select and use ICT tools to improve your learning To ability to find, critically evaluate and use information or data accurately in complex contexts To have ability to communicate complex information, arguments and ideas effectively, as appropriate to the subject of discharge planning, purpose and audience All these information should be in the dissertation The dissertation should be an essay format. A good level of academic writing and good clear English language. It should include methodology. It should be a qualitative research. It should include how you did the literature research. Literature should include any grey literature, article, journal, guidelines etc. Literature management -using mind mapping of different software tools and databases etc

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