Why did England want colonies in North America?

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Example: Richard Frethorne wrote in a letter home that life in Jamestown was difficult. He noted that “I have nothing to comfort me, nor there is nothing to be gotten here but sickness and death” (Frethorne, 19). Do not use block quotes in your essay! Do not provide a works-cited page or cover page. Do not use a header. Put only your name on the essay! Do not use outside sources! Only use your background reader, class notes and the primary sources. If you cite something in the background reader, use the authors of the book as a citation. EXAMPLE: (American YAWP, 314). Please use quotes from the background reader sparingly. Quotes used from the background reader do not count as a primary source. Refresh your memory on plagiarism! DO NOT TURN IN WORK THAT IS NOT YOUR OWN! All essays will be scanned to see if you have copied from other sources. If you turn in an essay that uses other sources, I will know. Students who plagiarize their essay will receive an automatic 0 and I will refer you to the Office of Student Conduct.

ESSAY PROMPT: Why did England want colonies in North America? Why did certain groups in England, like the Puritans, want to leave for North America in the 17th century? How were the English colonies in Jamestown and Massachusetts different from each other? How were they similar? What kind of governments did the English establish in their colonies? Did the English and Natives have a good or bad relationship? How did the early English colonies survive and flourish?

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