“Violating A Norm”

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Step 1: Violate A Norm Choose the norm that you want to violate. Break a folkway or informal more (do NOT break a law) in a public area. a. You MUST make sure to stay within the guidelines of propriety or and the regulations and policies of the AUS Student Handbook. i. Know your audience–if you’re doing something with your parents or family especially, be respectful and considerate. If you know that the violation may easily make the people involved angered and/or deeply embarrassed, then don’t do it. ii. Know your culture–you all know many more mores and taboos relevant to the culture of the region than I do. Avoid breaking either. b. This should not be a norm that you have violated in the past, but instead a norm that you are violating currently for the specific purposes of the course. c. Make sure that your norm is a norm–and not a practical joke. To be sure, consider how the adherence of the norm is typically acts as a mechanism of social control. Step 2: Record Observations ● Describe your norm violation; include what you planned to do and what actually happened, as well as the above information about how the norm typically acts as a mechanism of social control. ○ It may be helpful to first write out a description of what norm you plan to violate and how before you actually conduct the violation and then compare it later. ● Describe the reactions of others to the norm. ○ Describe all of the reactions you receive, whether verbal or nonverbal. ○ Describe any trends or variations that you notice in the respondents (e.g. gender, age, etc). ○ What are the usual sanctions (formal/informal, negative/positive) for this norm, and did you receive any sanctions in response to your violation? ■ Consider whether or not this norm varies across space, place, or time. If there may be considerable variation, then include this in your paper. ○ Did people react the way that you expected? Ask someone for details concerning how they felt about your norm violation! ● How did you feel when violating the norm? Why did you feel the way that you did? Step 3: Submit Analytical Report a summary of your norm breaking activity followed by 2 to 4 pages that address the above questions ● Format this report as you would an essay or formal research assignment; do not simply list and respond to the questions. Organize your essay with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. a. Use 12pt font b. Margins no larger than 1 inch on all sides c. APA 6th edition style guide is to be applied

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