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Step 1) Watch these three short videos /read the articles so you can understand what LNG (LIquefied Natural Gas) is and how it is referenced in the following discussion. You must copy and paste addresses.



Real footage for understanding scale:


Step 2) Read this short article and watch the embedded short video about LNG being shipped through a newly expanded Panama Canal. The canal was expanded to carry larger tankers, many of which are LNG tankers. (copy and paste)

Step 3: On to the discussion:

The role of Natural Gas is very much up in the air for the next few decades. Please consider each of these statements about natural gas BEFORE you watch the discussion. Afterwards, please go to the discussion board and put in what you thought BEFORE watching the discussion and if anything changed your mind. There is no right and wrong answer — thats the point — the future is yet to be decided. The point of this exercise is to allow you to hear from some experts and consider what they say.

Multiple choice Question: Which describes the future of natural gas?

A) Gas will have a minimal role in the future energy mix, given the competitiveness of renewable resources.

B) Gas will be a necessary bridge fuel to displace coal demand while we wait for renewable sources.

C) Gas will enable and integrate with key low carbon technologies, such as hydrogen

D) Gas will be a destination fuel, maintaining a large share of the energy mix


Step 4: The Atlantic Council, who sponsored this discussion is a very influential organization on many different issues.
Access the one hour panel discussion here: Copy and paste

Gas in the energy transition: Bridge or the destination?

Step 5: Post a couple paragraphs on the discussion board (2-3 Paragraphs) about you impression about the future of natural gas and the discussion. Note: Panel discussions are not the most exciting thing in the world — but the issues being considered are HUGE in impact.





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