Utilize the assigned materials and compose an interpretation of No. 13 from The Legend of John Brown by Jacob Lawrence.

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The ONLY sources you are permitted to use for this writing assignment are those materials assigned in class; NO outside sources Getting Started You will need to accomplish a number of things before you start any of the tasks for this assignment. 1. context • it’s not just a matter of identifying when something happened, but identifying the historical environment of the question 2 • identify as much as you can about that environment from the course materials (making these lists helps orient your mind, even if they aren’t used once you start writing) • how powerful are local agents in this environment compared to those who from afar? • it’s not just a matter of identifying place but also the complicated web of social & economic relationships 2. readings • you will need to identify all of the readings from the course relevant to the question or prompt (you don’t necessarily need to use all of them, but you want to be thorough) And the last thing you will need to accomplish is a careful diagram of the question (see the FACTSHEET). Once you’ve dissected the question into its constituent parts then you will better understand the nature and demands of the project at hand. READING Once you’ve gathered all of the readings (including the two textbooks, Foner & Schaller), then you need to start reading. Even if you’ve already read it, and especially if you haven’t, then you need to first consult the reading guide FACTSHEET. DO NOT do the readings for the first time with the prejudice of the question or prompt in mind. A clear, objective reading is the best place to start before you start reading with the question or prompt in mind. While the notes you made from the first, unprejudiced reading of the sources will be helpful, you should re-read the sources and take an entirely new set of notes that are relevant to answering the question or prompt you chose. Once you’ve accomplished a close and careful reading of the relevant materials and composed detailed and topical notes, then you need to begin a complicated process of turning that knowledge and those notes into a composed structure. A good place to start is going through your notes critically (that third step) and start thinking about process.

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