Unified Action in Joint Operations

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Unified Action in Joint Operations 

You may use the online lessons, readings, and references to help you answer the exam. All work MUST be your own. Answering the questions without using the lesson material or doctrinal references is not acceptable. Your answers will be typed and double-spaced. Use Arial 12-pitch font and one-inch margins. Type your answers directly into the spaces provided. Your typed responses will be double-spaced sentences (not bullets). If you state something from doctrine, the readings or the lessons as part of your answer, you MUST give a citation in accordance with ST 22-2. You may use parenthetical citations, endnotes, or footnotes on this exam. Please utilize the Indo-Asia-Pacific Context Reference Book and the listed references to answer all of the questions. Question 1. Review each task and make sure the unit you select is appropriate to the mission, e.g. for a Command and Control task use a Headquarters, and for a logistics mission use a logistics unit. Ensure the unit is the right size for the task. Do not forget to mention the unit’s capabilities and limitations in your justification. Question 2. Ensure you understand what is included, and what is not included as part of each of the Air Force (AF) core missions. You need to describe how each core mission is related to conducting tasks, and explain how does each core mission helps the Joint Force in the scenario, or what tasks it enables. Question 3. Explain how space support to operations enhances the execution of tasks in the scenario. Focus on linking space capabilities (e.g. satellite communications, Position, Velocity, Navigation, and Timing, Environmental Monitoring, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Integrated Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment) to tasks. Question 4. Identify one of the three cyberspace operations: DODIN, DCO, or OCC. Provide a stated opinion that answers the question. Justify the opinion with observation, and or explanation from doctrine, the scenario or both.

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