Understanding assessment terminolgy

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Understanding assessment terminolgy

Describe: Give a detailed account by recounting, characterising, outline and relating, in sequence, an event, situation, theory or point.

Explain: Clarify or elaborate on the facts.  Focus on reasons how and why things happen or a why a particular point is important in the relevant context.

List: Using dot points, list a series of points, steps or stages that relate to the question.

Outline: Leaving out minor details, give an account of thing or a process outlining the main points of a topic.

Review: Provide a summary while analysing and commenting on the evidence, argument or other relevant points.

Summarise: Identify and interpret the most relevant features of a theory, discuss issue or detail, leaving out the finer details.

Develop: Involves the creation of the materials/activities/procedures to achieve the outcome.  This is about designing and creating,

Implement: After materials/activities/procedures are developed, test all materials/procedures to determine if they are functional and appropriate for the intended audience.

Evaluate: ensures that the materials/activities/procedures achieve their desired goals and involves a detailed review including any recommendations for change and reasons.

Word counts

The word counts have been provided as a suggested minimum response.  In your qualification, a certain level of detail is required.  If the word count says 80-100 words, and you provide 20, we will request for further detail. 

If you provide 500 words, we will still review this but suggest to minimise the work on yourself.  Trainer and assessors do have a tolerance that they apply when reviewing word counts but can request for further detail to be provided.


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