Two men contemplating the moon (by Casper David Friedrich) and The rehearsal of the ballet onstage (by Edgar Degas)

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Provide a formal analysis for both pieces. Then discuss the function and symbolism of the pieces, while considering and explaining their cultural contexts. Explain what is similar and different between the two pieces. Research the historical context of each piece of work of art you choose. Be sure to cite your sources properly and provide a bibliography (using Chicago Manual of Style). You must use at least two academic sources (Wikipedia, KhanAcademy, and popular periodicals, such as The New Yorker, are unfortunately not academic sources). Plagiarism and academic dishonesty will not be tolerated for this assignment. Avoid using colloquialisms or informal writing styles (such as internet slang and the use of the second person “you” and the first person “I, my, myself”), as this is a formal academic paper and not a journal entry. In summary, this is what I want: 1) Approx. 1,200 well written, thoughtful words. 2) Images with captions (including information like, Title, Artist, Medium, Provenance, Date, Museum Accession number) 3) Proper “Chicago Manual of Style” footnoting. 4) A page with your bibliography, also in the Chicago format. 5) That you consult at least two academic sources. What you’ll be graded on: 1) How effectively you describe and interpret the works of art. 2) How effectively you support your thesis statement 3) How well you organize the thoughts in your paper 4) Spelling 5) Grammar 6) Punctuation 7) How closely you follow the instructions for this paper

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