This is revision work.  Revision Comments: “1) Meet the word

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This is revision work.  Revision Comments: “1) Meet the word count within the sections:  i) Introduction – 700 (currently delete approx 600 w without losing the main idea). ii) Literature Review – 3100 w (add 800 w) iii) Methodology 1600  iv) Results 1600  v) Discussion 5300  vi) conclusion 700.  [Please ensure that you meet the word count but also, do not exceed the word count].  2) In literature review, besides your content also add the points required by the client:  i. Effectiveness of PrEP;  ii. Obstacles to uptake and adherence to PrEP iii. Benefits of PrEP iv. The effectiveness of PrEP in preventing HIV infection – with referencing to the authors (Cohen; Galea; Golub; Marcus).  3) Finish QUALITY ASSESSMENT; DATA ABSTRACTION; and DATA ANALYSIS.  4) There should be sufficient amount of reading used with utilizing c’s articles from the “BABA” file [Please strictly follow all the instructions given in the BABA file attached]. 5) Harvard referencing required exact page indication – revise in-text citations accordingly. No comma between Author(s) and page is required. (Surname, Surname and Surname 11, 2012)  6)It seems that you have not seen the feedback from the client regarding the content in the messaging system because you did not do what was required for the Methodology section. 7)Please, use these as the paper’s Research Objectives:  i. To determine the efficacy of PrEP in the transmissions of HIV virus among the heterosexual sero-discordant sexual couples.  ii. To measure gender differences in the uptake of Prep.  iii. To measure the safety of PrEP.  8. Please use this as the paper’s Research Question: i. Is the usage of PrEP effective in reducing HIV transmission amongst individuals of different gender 9) The methodology written is too narrative. Please revise it and follow steps outlined in the attached document [BABA file]. 10)There is no explicit inclusion or exclusion criteria, no evidence table showing quality assessment or data abstraction. Add a table showing this evidence and also include an explicit inclusion/exclusion criteria. Please.  11) Add an automated Table of Contents [and also a List of Tables/Figures if need be]. 12) Please use this as the aim of the study: i. The study’s aims to examine the means through which PrEP is used to reduce the transmission of HIV virus among sero-discordant heterosexual couples    13) It was noted that the methods of statistical analysis were not highlighted. Please ensure that you highlight them very clearly so I can see easily 14) It was also noted that that the majority of the papers used were on MSM can you source heterosexual related papers?  15) Please delete the following queries/research objectives (if they still appear in the paper). Just use the ones above:  i.  Is the use of PrEP harmless in humans?  ii.  Does the gender difference affect the outcome of the prep application?  iii. Are the approaches presently employed for PrEP utilization safe to humans? alongside the specific objective section.  [I would appreciate if the draft is amended throughout to reflect this]. 16) Lastly, proofread the paper very carefully removing any grammatical errors as well as plagiarism (Check the file titled ‘Originality Report 3’ and revise the highlighted red areas to remove the marked plagiarism). Please follow all these instructions and do a good job at it. Thank you in advance.

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