The_Post-villian and hero PhD research proposal

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The victorian era to the contemporary study of the idea of the arch nemesis in detective to popular novelisation of hero and villain, and their interpretation of the change of villain as time passed by. In relation to the contend cultural change, specifically what shifts these may have caused in the representation and reception of the villain character as well as the hero.


Understanding the changing shift in narrative structure of heroes and villains, the portal of social, and power control changes through the characters dynamics, and story arch have been positioned. This is due to the change our world has faced.


Villain is a reflection of the value system and fears of the time.


Why do hero and villain change?


What does it say about our past and our world today seen in literary text?


Observing noticeable trends among the most enduring an recognisable villains of each era.


By exploring multiple era and see how literature embodies the spirit and anxiety of the times.


A shift in that is portrayed of villains.


Institutions lost its presumptions of goodwill. As a result villains starts to embodies the broken system that people  were getting angry at.


The circumstances of power makes the villain rather than an


Such as the character of Nurse Rached from the Novel “one flew over the cocoksnest :

Who turned a noble profession (nurse) into one that turns vividl individuals that turns into drug addicts ghost of themselves. Blurring the line of hero and villain.


The characters are depicted as conflicted, heavily flawed protagonist with questionable and hideous morals. 


Villains simply embodies solutions that are way to radical.


1950’s : represents villain that trying to take over  an inherently good system in hopes of corrupting it.


2019: Todays villains  brings a level of logical reasoning , philosophic ideals , and 



In this brave new world of villainy we began to emphasise villains critiquing of the system and the desire to change it.


In this through the looking  glass re-interpreting of villains and heroes are investable casted as flawed protectors of a statues quo that no one are really happy with.



Contemporary villains seem to be a mere image of the 1950’s who want to corrupt good institutions.


Where as Nurse Rached type character want to effect good change in corrupt institutions but goes about it in a very bad way.


Our contemporary villains seems to have merged with the complexity of moral, philosophical perception of villain, as well as some form of innocence’s. That one bad day can create a villain. From their ow fears, trauma, and lost. The action of villainy is a response towards trauma. With moral nihilism and existentialism crisis that creates internal struggle and conflict.





Jean Baudrillar

Text : The transparency of evil: “All liberation affects good and evil equally. The liberation of morals and minds entails crimes and catastrophes. The liberation of law and pleasure leads inevitably to the liberation of crime..”

Evil isn’t the opposite of good. If something unpleasant happens to you that doest mean its evil. Evil is categorise as a radical indifference to good.


Instead of making bad thing happen lie other villain. Some simply wants to destroy the concept of what good real means.


A transatlantic comparative study of the imagination and representation of the change in villain and hero, in a post villain world.


The transatlantic study brings in British, and North American culture, brings in literary, and cultural studies concurring literature and culture of the English speaking world. The transatlantic study brings in new perspective, and explore the implications that has caused the cultural change that is caused by globe events. As trans- Atlantic study delve into the issues that engages the dissuasion of our society. In relations to globalisation, migration and the law, examines the trans- Atlantic artistic, cultural representation and explores the economic, philosophic, and political implication of the trans Atlantic area. Leading expert Andrew Taylor suggests that the trans- Atlantic study offers a more effective us in literary study. As he suggests that the key ideas surrounds trans- Atlantic study, such as the nation, and cosmopolitanism, theories and practices of comparative literature, post-colonialism, imperialism, translation, style and genre as it  provides a differ possibility’s of comparative analysis in this study.

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