The Movie 28 Days with Sandra Bullock

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Use 12pt. New Times Roman font only-double space and be divided into 3 separate, labeled sections: a. The basic principles or ideas of the movie (1-2 pages) b. Your evaluation of the movie (1 page) c. Your thoughts on how the book or movie relates to your life. Must provide specific examples (1 page). d. How the book or movie demonstrates a concept or idea from one of your textbook chapters. You must specify which chapter and what concept or idea is discussed (1 page). e. Your report must have a cover page ( Title, your name and date) 4. Movie Review Presentation: You will present your report to class. Each presentation is limited to ten minutes. You may use power-point, flip charts or hand-outs, etc. Example Outline for Presentation 1. Name of movie, course topic 2. Basic principle/idea of book or movie 3. Evaluation, to include the concept and/or idea that are discussed from the text book. Points May Be Lost on the Presentation if: 1. Student is NOT prepared. 2. Presentation unorganized. 3. Presentation information poorly covered

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