The Long Joyner to Victory

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The Long Joyner to Victory

Essay 3 Assignment In this assignment, you will write an historical essay that uses primary sources to discuss/address a topic of your choosing about Women in American History. The goal of the paper is to highlight what you have learned in this course: to demonstrate your mastery of historical context and your analytical skills regarding primary sources. 1. Choose a Topic from American Women’s History (that interests you and which we have examined throughout this course). Some examples including, but not limited to: Political equality, Civil Rights for minority women, Women and the workplace, Women and wartime, Women and education, Republican Motherhood, The Female Sphere, Clubwomen, Reformers, Sexuality, Image and popular culture…etc. 2. Select 3 Primary Sources pertaining to that topic. These primary sources should be reflective of your topic across time (and over the entire course). • One primary source must be from UNIT 1 (Modules 1-4) (Refer to the Syllabus: Reader Page #1-17, or primary sources in Brown Sections located in 4th ed. TWE between pages 1-238). • One primary source must be from UNIT 2 (Modules 6-9) (Reader Page #19-37 or primary sources in Brown Sections located in 4th ed. TWE between pages 238-441). • One primary source must be from UNIT 3 (Modules 11-14) (Reader Page #39-58 or primary sources in Brown Sections located in 4th ed. TWE between pages 470-667). A NOTE on SOURCES: You will receive “zero” points for a particular score area if you choose an unacceptable primary source. If you are confused about the difference between primary and secondary sources, please review Lecture 1 for an overview. If you are unsure if your chosen primary sources are acceptable, email me your list before you write your paper. The following do NOT count as acceptable primary sources: • Outside sources (including a primary source you found on the internet, something not found in TWE or your reader, or an additional part of a source not printed in our assigned readings). • TWE general text written by authors Lynn Dumenil and Ellen DuBois (this is a SECONDARY source).

• TWE general text, often in italics, that precedes a primary source or explains a visual source (again, this is a SECONDARY source). • A single historical quote that you pulled out of the main TWE narrative or from slide in the lectures (this is not enough to qualify as a primary source document). • Lecture or Film Clips (these are SECONDARY). 3. List your 3 primary sources at the top of your paper. This information goes after your name and title information. Please list it in the following format: Author, Title, Location. • Example: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, “Declaration of Sentiments” (TWE, A1) • Example: Betty Friedan, “The Sexual Sell” (Reader, 49) 4. Develop a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a simple one sentence summary of what you will be arguing in your essay. Sit down and look at your primary sources: when you look at them all together, what can they tell us about American women (or specific groups of American women) across time? For example, if you are looking at women and war, what might the sources allow you to conclude about the significance of war to creating new opportunities for women? Your thesis should be underlined in your introductory paragraph. Some Helpful Hints on an writing a thesis statement. 5. Write an essay arguing your thesis. Start with an introductory paragraph that includes your thesis statement. Then, for each source, discuss Context and Content and Analysis. Finally, make sure to write a conclusion paragraph. Context: In 1-2 paragraphs, discuss the historical context, in which the source was written. Introduce the time period and significant events, especially as they pertain to women/women’s activities in this period. Discuss the status of women, the author, and relevant important events/people/terms that help to illuminate the importance of the source in relation to your thesis. You should use information from both lecture and readings. *NOTE: You want to be thorough in your context, but be careful that this section does not just become a write-up of your lecture notes. Your goal is to synthesize and curate the information that is most pertinent to your thesis. Content and Analysis Then, in a separate paragraph (1-2 paragraphs), discuss the specific content of the source. Summarize the main points. Select several quotes/images to discuss and highlight their significance. Throughout your paper, connect each source by demonstrating how they illustrate your topic and back up your thesis across time. Your paper should be outlined (and will be scored) as follows: Make sure that you have paragraphs for each of the following items. It is very difficult to earn a passing grade if you have missing sections! Please refer to the Essay rubric for description of percentages awarded. Note that the score is more heavily weighted toward Unit 3 sources, so make sure you focus your time in demonstrating your Unit 3 knowledge. Paragraph 1: Introduction with Thesis (10 points) Paragraph 2: Unit 1 Primary Source Historical Context (10 points) Paragraph 3: Unit 1 Primary Source Content and Analysis (10 points) Paragraph 4: Unit 2 Primary Source Historical Context (10 points) Paragraph 5: Unit 2 Primary Source Content and Analysis (10 points) Paragraph 6: Unit 3 Primary Source Historical Context (30 points) Paragraph 7: Unit 3 Primary Source Content and Analysis (30 points) Paragraph 8: Conclusion that summarizes your argument and points you made (10 pts) TOTAL: 120 points (extra credit will be awarded for superior work)

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