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Before writing a full proposal, implementers should submit a completed concept
proposal. The template is available on
Guidance on what we look for in the key sections of the concept proposal:
 Project title: A clear and concise title.
 Purpose: This should be one clear and succinct sentence describing the
anticipated change. What is the immediate outcome or direct benefit the project
will achieve? This is the fundamental reason you are doing the project. It should
not contain project details which can be described elsewhere on the form. The
purpose should be achieved at the end of the project or within the first few
months after the project is completed.
 Implementing agency: Provide full contact details and the name of the
agency‟s lead officer for the project. Please indicate both contract holder and coimplementing organisation(s).

Cost: Provide total cost to FCO and co-funders in each F/Y (financial year, runs
from 1st April to 31 March next year).

Cost to FCO: Total cost that the project requests from the FCO and is the
amount that will be included in the contract to the implementer.
Cost to Co-funders: Has co-funding for this project been sought from other
donors, private institutions or with the host government? If yes, provide details –
what financial/in-kind contribution has been secured or awaiting further
confirmation from which organisation(s).
 Timing: Planned start date should be no earlier than 1st April 2016, planned
completion date should be no later than 31st March 2017. We expect all projects
must be completed in the 2016/17 financial year..
 Background: Explain the country context and the problem that the project
addresses, and how this relates to objectives in the detailed thematic guidance.
Explain why the UK is the best donor for this project.
In this section we want to get an understanding of the reason for doing this
project and why Prosperity Fund should fund it. You will need to provide details
on why is it important? What is the background context and is there other
relevant work in this area? What are the ongoing benefits and wider impact the
project will deliver? What will happen if we do not fund the project? Why UK is in
the best position to fund this project (instead of other international donors)?
Please also make sure to indicate in this section whether you have got support
from the local/ national government and how they will be involved / engaged.
Note that project design must include strong engagement with key beneficiaries
and stakeholders. Proposals should demonstrate that host governments have
been consulted and are supportive of the project. If they have not, you should
explain how the project will have sufficient buy-in from local stakeholders to
deliver the expected outcomes.
 Outputs: Please list all of the outputs you expect the project activities to deliver.
What are the specific, measurable, deliverable results expected from the
project activities which should be sufficient to achieve the project purpose?
Outputs are what we deliver directly from the activities (below) and should be
within (or just about within) our control. The outputs are what you as the
project implementer are contracted to deliver in the lifetime of the project
and which the China Prosperity Fund Team will monitor project delivery
against. Examples include (but not limited to) tangible outputs such as reports,
policy recommendations, training materials or non-tangible outputs such as
increased capacity and awareness-raising.
 Main Activities: List all the tasks to be carried out in order to deliver each
output. The activities must be sufficient to deliver the outputs. Activities should
be listed in a logical order and numerically linked to the relevant output so
that the Programme Team can assess whether the activities can realistically
produce the outputs.
 Key Beneficiaries: List the name of the key project beneficiaries. These are the
organisations that will benefit from the outcomes of your project. For example,
the local DRC „X‟ will benefit from a climate change capacity building project for
officials in city „X‟.
 Risks: Describe the specific major risks which would affect the achievement of
the project purpose and briefly explain how you will mitigate the risks. You
should consider risks at all levels of your project; i.e. political, stakeholders,
administrative, internal project risks. What might stop you doing the activities and
so prevent you delivering the outputs? What might cause delays? What would
you do to address the risks?
 Contact at the Embassy/Consulate: Provide the name of the Prosperity Fund
project officer responsible for the project at the Embassy/Consulate whom you
have been in contact with to develop the proposal.
 Annex: Simple budget breakdown
Good value for money is one of the key criteria for selection of successful bids.
To ensure a project is good value for money, it is essential that project
implementers produce activity-based budget breakdown in the template provided.
Please provide cost breakdown for each activity. Please separate cost to cofunders from cost to FCO.
The activity number should be the same as ones you listed in the „Main Activities’
session. Please see document “Cost_Range_Guidance” for details. You may
also want to consult the post project managers for guidance.
The Embassy may accept or reject the concept proposal. The bidder will be notified
within a reasonable time of the decision.

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