The Journalist and The Murderer

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 Read The Journalist and The Murderer. 1. Provide a brief synopsis of the facts- that is; summarize the story presented in the book. 2. Describe and characterize the relationship between the two main characters in the book, McGinnis (The Writer) and McDonald (The Subject). 3. What ethical issues did the relationship raise? 4. What were McGinness’ purposes in lying to McDonald? 6. In the context of this story, was it ethical for McGinness to lie to McDonald? Is it ethical to pose as a friend, rather than as an impartial journalist? 7. Is it ever ethical for a journalist to lie to a source or subject? If you believe that there are acceptable situations, give examples and their rationale. 8. Why would a source like McDonald open up to a journalist? What influences sources? What power do journalists hold? 2 pages, at least. As always, it is not the number of words, but the quality of your analysis.

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