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This paper is focused on Labeling and how it effects an individual chances of rehabilitation and makes way for recidivism while effecting their mental and social health. I have attached all previous assignments that were associated with the final paper. Please include some of the previous assignments into the final project. The citations below are the research citations that were used for my research please incorporate those into the final as well. Thank you. You may your research as well.

1) Willis, G. M. (2018). Why call someone by what we don’t want them to be? The ethics of labeling in forensic/correctional psychology. Psychology, Crime & Law, 24(7), 727–743.

2) Chiricos, T., Barrick, K., Bales, W., & Bontrager, S. (2007). The Labeling of Convicted Felons and Its Consequences for Recidivism. Criminology, 45(3), 547–582.

3) Zimbardo, P. G. (2007). Revisiting the Stanford Prison Experiment: a Lesson in the Power of Situation. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 30.

4) Livingston, J. D., Rossiter, K. R., & Verdun-Jones, S. N. (2011). ‘Forensic’ labelling: An empirical assessment of its effects on self-stigma for people with severe mental illness. Psychiatry Research, 188(1), 115–122.

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