Television Production : context, process and evaluation+an individual critical self-reflection on the nature of collaborative working and learning

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You will submit a portfolio of work consisting of: 1] a group-produced television programme, made to full broadcast standards, the duration and subject of which will be agreed with your tutor; 2] an individual critical analysis of the work, using the three divisions of the production analysis to which you were introduced in the unit Production 1: context, process and evaluation. 3] an individual critical self-reflection on the nature of collaborative working and learning, describing the challenges you might have encountered in working collaboratively, and setting out how you overcame them or, if you or your team were unable to do so, what measures you would put in place on future occasions to ensure the smooth and successful progress of collaborative projects in which you are involved.

Assignment information You will design and produce a television programme of an agreed duration, format and subject; it will be made for a specific audience, and it will be assessed partly on the likelihood of its appropriateness for, and appeal to, your chosen audience. You will submit a critical analysis and evaluation of the programme, of 1,500-words’ duration, divided into three sections discussing the context of the programme, the process by which it was made, with a particular emphasis on the strengths, and any weaknesses, of the process, saying how you would have remedied or prevented them. You will, in the third section, provide a critical evaluation of the process, regardless of your knowledge of its intentions or the process by which it was made, and comment especially on its appropriateness for the for which audience you intended it

You will submit a 1,000-word essay reflecting on your experience of working collaboratively with the following people: ï the other members of your production team ï any outside contributors who were involved in the production: these may include students other than those in your immediate team, other university staff, members of the public or of official bodies or authorities, experts who have assisted your research, on-screen talent and/or anyone else whose collaboration was required to enable you to produce the work. You will identify examples of fruitful collaborative practice, and say why and how they were effective. From those examples, you will assert some general principles that should guide effective collaborative practice. You will identify examples where collaboration was less effective or ineffective, and suggest the reasons for it being so using those examples, you will propose some general principles that describe how ineffective collaborative practice can be identified, remedied or avoided.

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