TASK DESCRIPTION :-      You will appraise a health assessment

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TASK DESCRIPTION :-      You will appraise a health assessment vignette and make critical observations on the situation. Drawing on the given consumer health assessment data, you will discern normal and abnormal data; make connections between these data and specifics of the situation, and develop an initial plan that includes priorities for action.   WHAT YOU NEED TO DO :-   Review the knowledge and skills relating to: a)  Assessment data collection processes b)  Assessing the neurological status of the patient c)  Clinical reasoning and decision-making d)  SBAR communication.   2.Watch the health assessment vignette   https://youtu.be/OwKkWKUJc5Q    The first scenario relates to a patient with a head injury (up to 3.07 minutes).   The second scenario relates to a patient with an ankle injury.   3. After watching the health assessment vignette answer the following questions.      Question 1 (500 words): You are the RN working in the clinical where the patient in the vignette has just presented with a head injury.   Explain what neurological assessment data should be collected from the patient to ensure any neurological deficit is identified? Linking your assessment reasoning to anatomy and physiology, provide a rationale for collecting this data.   Justify your answer using evidence from two (2) contemporary, valid research articles (no older than 7 years) Question 2 (250 words):   Watch the second part of the vignette (from 3.07 minutes) relating to the patient who has sustained an ankle injury. Document a written handover you will provide to the doctor who will take over the patient’s care.   Your report must use the SBAR format which accurately reflects information obtained from the viewed episode of care.  S Situation: Identify patient and what is new for that shift   B Background: What are the relevant pieces of information about your client medical history?   A Assessment: What is new about your client’s condition? What happened during your shift   R Recommendation: What is the plan for the next shift?    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeY8Ea1iVFk

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