Sustainable Business, Product and/or Service Design

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Sustainable Business, Product and/or Service Design

Your group task is to design an organisation, product or service that provides sustainability outcomes for Auckland and its citizens. You will need to identify an existing system’s issue or issues and develop design responses to address your chosen issue(s). Your organisation, product or service may attempt to address water quality, food security, environmental conservation and ecological restoration, resilience building, zero waste, local economic development or a range of other systemic challenges. Sustainability outcomes can be achieved through a wide range of means and your task is to identify issues that need more effective sustainability responses and to design those responses. Your design response needs to consider: – the larger ‘ecosystem’ and how your organisation, product or service interacts with that system; – what sustainability outcomes you are delivering and how your design demonstrates regenerative design outcomes through the lens of building as many types of capital as possible; – ‘Strong’ Sustainability Model – an economic system as part of social system. A social system as part of environmental system – with a reference to which ‘shade of green’ you are designing for; – what opportunities and challenges your design response presents. Project Each group will submit a 2,000 word report and digital presentation outlining your chosen design response. Details: – Each group will be required to give a 5-10 minute presentation of their suggested design response in class on Week 12. – Information in your report needs to be supported by appropriate resources; with the expectation that at least 5-10 references will be provided. Use APA referencing rather than endnotes and footnotes. – The final report can contain text, images and diagrams. – Supportive information, including your design process, can be provided in the Appendix. Aim: This project aims to develop your awareness of systems thinking, sustainability and resilience, regenerative design and gain an understanding of how to apply relevant design principles and frameworks to address pressing systemic sustainability challenges

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