Sustainability-Service Learning Requirement

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You can be creative in this project but try to pick some easy volunteering activity.  Then complete the following request: Which organization did you volunteer with and why did you choose that particular organization? If the event that you chose to participate in was organized by more than one group, choose one of the groups to write about. (5 pts) What date(s) did you complete your volunteering? How much time did you spend volunteering and how exactly did you spend your time? (5 pts) Provide some information about the history of this organization. How long has it existed? What other projects has it been involved with? (5 pts) Describe the goal(s) of the specific project you were working on and how this project ties into the overall mission of the organization. Which dimensions of sustainability can you tie to the mission of this organization? (5 pts) Think about the potential impact of this project (or projects like this) on different scales, from individual to global. (10 pts) Identify the relevant communities connected to your project. This could include both human and non-human communities. How does the mission of the organization contribute to healthy communities? (10 pts) Do you feel that the time and energy you gave as a volunteer was used effectively? Would you volunteer with this organization again? Why or why not? (10 pts) Please also review the ACPA’s Presidential Taskforce on Sustainability’s Change Agent Abilities Required to Help Create a Sustainable Future Change_Agent_Skills.pdf and think about 2-3 Change Agent Abilities that you’d like to develop during this course. Reflect on how this experience contributed to the development of these skills. What actions can you take in the future to further develop these skills? (10 pts)

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