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Take at least one of them, but preferably both. One requires you to register with an email address and is a longer survey, but it also provides more information. You don’t have to give your real name or other identifying information, but the email address must be real (you could use your BC email or whatever email you prefer). If you wish to not create an account with an email address, just do the second survey that does not require an email. But if you can, take both and compare the results.

After taking both or one of the surveys, provide responses to the following questions and submit your answers to me in this assignment. Your responses are only seen by me; other students will not see them.

A. Do you think that your results truly reflect your attachment style? Did you learn something new and gain some insight about yourself from the survey results, or are these types of surveys too simplistic for capturing the reality of relationships? (Note that you don’t have to report anything about your actual results unless you wish to) (up to 5 points)

B. Regardless of what you think of the surveys, what is your opinion of the validity of the attachment theory in general? Can you recognize yourself and other people in the attachment dimensions (that is: can you characterize most people you know in terms of the anxiety/avoidance dimensions)? Do you think attachment styles truly originate from the early relationships with caregivers? Do you have any criticism to offer about some of the ideas proposed by the attachment theory? (up to 5 points)

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