Substance Abuse

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The topic for the final paper will be on substance abuse. Be interested in finding the causes or what triggers this disease. The most abused drug is alcohol and substance abuse certainly is a disease. It is crucially important for a person who is suffering from substance abuse and his/her family to be able to have an opportunity to seek professional services, medical treatment or rehabilitation centers for recovery. Alcoholism affects not only an individual, but it impacts and devastates the lives of everyone who is close to that person, especially family members. For this paper, you will need to focus on a policy that has been adopted to deal with addiction. SAMHSA is the federal agency that deals with substance abuse. You could talk about the origins of this agency itself as part of the national response to substance abuse. on the state level, it is Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services There are other policies you could focus on, from “drug court ” (diversion program) to safe injection sites (a harm reduction policy)

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