Strategy Analysis of Airbnb

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Assessment Module for the MSc in International Management. you need to provide a full critical analysis report with harvard style references in strategic management for Airbnb, Inc. which is a huge company in the lodging Industry! The important outcomes for the results should be: LO1: Critically evaluate the challenges faced by managers in the development and deployment of strategy. LO2: Understand and apply a range of alternative models and concepts in dealing with strategic planning issues in order to achieve competitive advantage. LO3: Critically evaluate the processes and outcomes in the implementation of strategic choices facing an organisation. LO4: Successfully deploy relevant critical, analytical, and academic skills in an extended piece of writing related to Strategic Management. Assignment Brief # 1: An extended piece of academic writing, submitted at the end of the module will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your advanced knowledge and understanding of relevant models and concepts. This writing task will also enable you to demonstrate advanced critical appraisal of relevant concepts and theories with regard to their application in the strategic planning of organisations. The assessment will be based on this 4,500-word critical analysis report. Suggested structure of the assignment: • Introduction – brief background to the issues and context within your organisation • Literature review of the concepts relating to strategic planning • Method of investigation – briefly identify the methods used to create your critical analysis • Critical analysis, evaluation of the findings • Synthesis of the concepts to the findings followed by a conclusion N.B. this is the bare minimum structure, which may not be sufficient to pass the assessment. Your outline will be critical in fleshing out this structure. I will provide you with good examples in the files section as well as the most important material for this Assessment which you should check out in detail first! I would like to have a draft version on the 20 of May so we can work on the sections that might need improvement and or significant changes to the paper

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