Stock Trak Report (investing in the Stock Market simulation)

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Stock Trak Report (investing in the Stock Market simulation) 

Purpose of the Report: To give students a better understanding of the U.S. stock market by participating in a stock market simulation exercise. Each student will start with a portfolio of $1,000,000 in cash and have the opportunity to invest this money in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds of companies traded on U.S. exchanges. At the end of the simulation period you must write a report on your performance during the simulation and a reflection section that describes how the experience affected your understanding of the stock market and your investing style. The report must cover what you did including all of the following: 1.) The ending account balance as of April 12, 2019. 2.) The rate of return for this account during this time period. 3.) How many trades were completed on the account? 4.) Describe your method for stock selection. 5.) Did you sell any shares? If so, how did you decide what stocks to sell? 6.) Compare your return with that of the Standard & Poor’s 500 (SPY) index and discuss why your performance was better or worse than the benchmark. Information: Ending portfolio balance: $1,006,738.23, portfolio % return: 0.67, SPY ETF % return: 6.27, current SPY ETF: $290.16, SPY ETF at beginning period: $271.96, I made 60 trades during the simulation (companies i traded: Disney, Walmart, Costco, GE, nike, Starbucks, Netflix, CISCO, PayPal, Siri, KO electronics, Google, Lulu lemon, Bank of America, Apple, CTAS, Twitter, Coca Cola Companie, and other tech companies) Explain why was it a good/bad idea to trade in these stocks. Explain briefly about some of the companies, not all. I sold 32 times. Interest earned on cash $5,674.45, Interest earned rate: 3%, Interest charged rate: 8%. Concluding questions: how would you improve your results if you were to participate in another simulation? How has the simulation changed your knowledge of the stock market?

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