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– Take a look of 2 article that i provided
– See spending table templatePreview the document
-Be sure to review the 10 dimensions, specially Maslow’s Hierarchy (you can fill that column based on what
you will answer questions below) you can also fix any data in that 10 dimensions to match with your answer.
– Brief reflection paper – 2 pages that describes your personal experience keeping a spending diary (should be
written in the form of an essay, not just bullet points!). At a minimum, your reflection essay should answer the
following questions and include any insights you gleaned from your diary about the link between your personal
consumption and happiness.:
About what percent of your expenditures do you consider to be for “necessities”? Note that how you define
necessities is up to you.
Did you buy anything you can’t really afford right now? How much of your expenditures are made using credit
cards, and will you pay off the balance at the end of the next billing cycle?
Which expenditures do you think you could have gone without? What alternatives may have existed for your
purchases, such as buying a cheaper brand or a used item?
Which of your expenses do you think are influenced by advertising or other social pressures? Which of your
purchases would you classify as status items?
What do you think is the overall environmental and social impact of your purchases? Which purchases do you
think cause the most environmental damage?
Did you buy anything that you regret buying? Why?
Which purchases provide you with the most happiness (be sure to specify what type of happiness you are
referring to)?


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