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 choose ONE of the following topics for the essay : PROMT #1 The following is a passage from Song of the Hummingbird: “Tell me, then, what is your real name?” The woman’s face whipped around to face him and, realizing what she was about to say, [Father Benito] countered. “No! Not the bird name! I want to know your Christian name.” “Maria de Belen.” “What did you say?” The woman Jerked her arms towards the monk, hands rolled into fists, and her toothless mouth opened wide, forming a black rectangle….”Ma-ri-a-a-a!”. This passage reveals a complex power struggle involving the Catholic Church and the indigenous culture of Huitzitzilin. It is revealing of the church’s efforts to strip the indigenous people of their language, their culture, and the very essence of their identity: their names. Consider their power and politics that come with a name. (its pronunciation, how it is changed by others, how it can or can not impact one’s identity, etc). Are names a crucial aspect of identity? why or why not? can the identity of a culture, group, community, etc. be shaped or impacted by names? why or why not? State your position in a clearly written thesis and defend your position by providing researched examples and facts drawn from our current society.

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