Sociology and the sociological perspective

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Purpose of the Assignment


This assignment launches our semester-long conversation about sociology and the sociological perspective and how it impacts our understanding of human behavior and the social world


Objectives of the Assignment


By the end of this assignment, you will have

Developed a working knowledge and understanding of sociological concepts

Written a paragraph and brief captions that meet good standards of writing and include the necessary components of the assignment

Selected images or photographs that appropriately connect to the sociological concepts


General guidelines:

1. 5 pages of text and pictures

2. Double spacing

3. Times New Roman Font; font size 12

4. One inch margins all around

5. Cover page – first and last name; title; date; course name and number

6. References page; Cite your sources within the text as well; Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. I don’t expect the sources to be cited in a particular format since this is an Introductory course to Sociology.











Plan for Writing



Select 3 sociological CONCEPTS or TERMS/THEORIES from any of the chapters’ discussed in class.


Select 6 9 photographs or images to include in your photo essay (minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 photos per concept). These photos or images may be your own, or copied from internet sources. If you are copying from external sources, be sure to cite the source by providing the web address. Although simply providing the web address is not the correct citation form, it will be accepted in this assignment.







This is a formal writing assignment that has to be well organized and coherent.



What are the three concepts/ theories that you selected?

Which chapters are they from?

What is the reason/basis for your decision?


 PAGE 2:

Definition of Concept 1

a. Define the concept (you can use the definition from the power point lectures or the textbook; if you are using the textbook cite the source within the text);

b. Elaborate on the concept in your own words OR use outside sources (when you use outside sources, cite the source);

c. Provide examples for the concept or theory from the lectures or outside sources;

Refer to your class notes and any relevant reading to clarify your discussion of the concept/theory here.

Pictures for Concept 1

a. 2 to 3 pictures per concept

b. For every picture mention how the picture relates the concept and/or why you selected that picture; how did the picture help you think about the concept

c. Provide a source for the picture (weblink/or mention personal picture)

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