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Social Work Practice-Research Seminar (S472) Single Subjects Research Design Proposal Project has been divided into three sections. Section 1-Introduction: The first part of the paper should be an introduction to your research project. Clearly define the problem you are assessing and the purpose of your research study. . Remember, however, that with single subject design, you can use the unique characteristics of your subject to ensure the research question is unique. Identify a social issue, problem, or need that is impacting individuals or society as a whole. This can be an issue that you see or address within your practicum placements or an issue that is specific to a community, group or the nation. Formulate your question. What is the impact of the selected issue/problem? Take time to explain why this is in question. Formulate your hypothesis/What is your hypothesis. From the above question example, your hypothesis may be as follows: Introduction of electronic cigarettes to chain smokers reduced tobacco use by 30% Is your question and hypothesis applicable? Can you apply and conduct the research to a group or individuals? Make note that you will have to implement your research and share your findings for the final. Section 2-Literature Review. Next, conduct a literature review regarding the subject. As the course progresses, you will have specific assignments related to your literature review. You will utilize the information from the lit review assignments for the literature review portion of this proposal. The literature review is significant as it may indicate that your question has already been answered or isnt feasible. Ensure you address the following: In order to shape and refine your research problem, you will need to review the literature. Conduct a literature review that examines what similar research has already been done in this area. Check current journals as well as current books. How will your research add to the research already done? Explain why the question and its answer are important to social work, society, and social work clients. Include evidence on the extent of the problem and monetary and social costs to society from the problem. Section 3 -Methods: The second part of your proposal will explain the methods you intend to use in your study. Describe the subject (person you are studying) of your research project. Clearly define and assess your chosen problem (operationally define the identified variables). Explain what the independent and dependent variables will be. Provide a detailed description related to problems and goals of the client. What type of single subject design will you be using? How will you determine baseline data (where will you get the information and how long will the baseline be?) Describe the intervention. Describe how follow up information will be obtained and for how long it will be collected. Write down the variables you will be measuring and what level of measurement they are (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio) for the baseline, intervention and follow up phases. Will you be using standardized questionnaires, intake forms, interviews, etc? How will you analyze your data? Consider what statistical methods, coding, and graphic reporting techniques you will use. How will you ensure the research meets NASW ethical standards? Annotated Bibliography. Identify at least five scholarly articles that you are using in the literature review for your proposal. At least one should pertain to diversity issues related to research. (if this will cost extra please let me know because an annotated bibliography is required with this project- this is separate from the 5 pages) Required Texts: DiNoia & Tripodi (2008). A primer on single-subject design for clinical social workers (2nd ed.). Washington, D.C.: NASW Press. [Chapters 1, 2 & 3.] Royse, Thyer, & Padgett. (2016). Program evaluation: An introduction (6th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, Chapter 12.

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