Social Media in Sports

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iPad Challenge 

iPad Challenges Click Here for iPad Challenge

1: Social Media in Sports

This semester we will be using our iPad Pro’s to explore the sporting industry in a number of ways. You will be asked to use this powerful tool to complete a number of iPad Challenges, incorporating apps, and activities around campus; these activities will require you to have your ipad fully charged; updated; and ready to go. Please see each iPad Challenge Link in Canvas for specific challenge information. Unless noted in specific iPad Challenges, students should ALWAYS include Sources at the end of their iPad Challenge report, presentation, prezi, keynote, or paper. A minimum of 1 Source per iPad Challenge should come from either: the Sports Business Journal; the Wall Street Journal; or a Lynn Library Journal, or publication. iPad Challenges require that EACH student submit their own work individually. You will be asked to complete 5 ipad challenges this semester. Each Challenge is worth 100 points and will collectively be worth 15% of your total grade. Challenges should all be posted to Canvas under the appropriate assignment link.

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