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Service Learning Research Report:
Research each of the five Service Learning locations (noted below)
Service Learning Opportunities:
1) Long Beach Ronald McDonald House –
2) Meals on Wheels –
3) Food Finders –
4) Urban Community Outreach Center –
5) Long Beach Rescue Mission –
write a minimum of 1 – 2 pages per each organization detailing, in your own words, information including:
who they are,
what they do (products/services),
target audience,
how they started, their vision/goals, volunteer opportunities, community impact and if they have any ties to a national organization.
 Your report should detail how they operate under “usual circumstances” and any adjustments they have had to make in response to COVID-19. You should also include which hospitality skills may be useful for volunteer jobs, how a student can build his/her resume through volunteering and explain how hospitality companies might view potential employees that volunteer.
Your research should include the organization’s local and national websites, news articles about the organizations (Press Telegram, LB Post and LB Business Journal may be good resources). Your report is important! Like marketing and sales tools used in business, your report can be used in future classes to encourage students to perform service learning and/or volunteer work.
Grading Criteria: Your report will be graded on the thoughtfulness and extent of information and research relayed in your professionally formatted and original work. Please include a works cited page and at least 5 credible sources in additional to the organization’s own sources. If applicable, include quotes, statistics and graphics such as the organization’s logo.


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