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PART a: Separating Fact from Fiction
What impression does the title create? What is the reality? Synthesize this article using your technical training
to separate fact from fiction.
1. Read through the article and discuss areas that were over-claimed, hypothetical but presented as fact, or
2. What impact might this article have on policy-makers? funding in robotics?
3. What could the news service have done better? What are their challenges in doing so?
4. How has your training impacted your ability to interpret truth in this article?
What would you say?
Re-write in three paragraphs the core of this article in the New York Times. Your job is to write the article so
that the lay reader can actually form a considered opinion of the work, and so that the reader’s future thoughts
about legislation, ethics and technology’s future can be informed and supported by the information you present.




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