“Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austen.

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Argumentative essay based on “Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austen. — PROMPT: Through a careful exploration and analysis of Sense and Sensibility, PICK ONE CHARACTER and discuss Jane Austen’s portrayal of the relationship between voice, identity, and empowerment. Ultimately, address what you believe that Austen is suggesting about this interrelatedness and how it evolves through the course of the novel and how the character strives to assert social validation through his or her voice. Is Austen suggesting a difference between self-empowerment versus social power or power over others? As you think about the novel, ponder the following questions: How would you characterize the voice of the character? How does the character’s voice inform his or her identity? Are some characters’ voices portrayed as more significant than others? Are there ways that characters act and react in order for their voices to be heard? What is it about voice that is so crucial to the characters’ identities? Do some characters’ voices evolve over the course of the novels? Why, how, and in what way? What is Austen suggesting through these evolutions? Remember, authors convey voice and identity through careful word choice and descriptive language. This essay encompasses the qualities of several essay types: Exemplification—an essay that conveys how something is true through examples. Compare/Contrast—an essay that shows how things are similar and different to illustrate a point about an issue. Argumentative—an essay that takes a stand on a debatable topic and supports a main argument with evidence. DO NOT WRITE A BOOK REPORT! DO NOT SUMMARIZE! DO NOT RETELL THE STORY! ANALYZE THE NOVEL, INSTEAD! Remember, you need to convey what you think that Jane Austen argues throughout the novel. Be certain that you are expressing YOUR OPINIONS about the novel’s thematic significance. In order to earn the possibility of earning a passing grade, you must include the following items: • 5-6 pages • A clear thesis statement with clear, supporting topic sentences. • A minimum of 8 passage citations, PROPERLY cited and discussed. • Remember to ask yourself if your passages have enough depth to analyze. Do your passages adequately serve to support your assertions and ultimately your main claim? Do not cite passages with content that could be stated as facts!

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