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The objective of the paper is for you to gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as a manager and employee, so that you may understand your own behaviors. Throughout the semester you will complete various self-assessment exercises, which are developed by behavioral researchers to test your skills, abilities, and interests.

The exercises include but are not limited to the following and will be distributed, finished and discussed in class:

• Emotional Intelligence Assessment • Individual Ethics Rate • Entrepreneurial Intentions Scale • Organization Structure Preference Survey • International / Global Manager Potential Scale • Leadership Style Assessment • Dominant Needs Assessment • Communication Style Assessment Write and submit a 3-page paper (Times New Roman, size 12, double-spaced) outlining what you learned about yourself from the result of the tests and the course. No need to submit the original tests and results. Focus on the following questions: • What are my strengths? How will these strengths help me manage and work with others more successfully? • What are my weaknesses? How will these weaknesses, if not improved upon, get in my way of success? • What results surprised me the most and why? What did I learn about myself that I did not know before taking the assessments? • How can I use this information going forward? Your self-reflection paper will be evaluated by the quality of writing and demonstrated understanding of management.

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