Seeing the unseen

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 Here is the assignment : Write an essay, circa that takes as its subject the unseeninvolved in a given work, choosing either: a) a work that you have made in the past; b)awork that that’s presently in progress; or c)a work you would like to make one day This can be a work that’s made collectively with others, or that you make on your ownbut it should be a discrete identifiable work Taking our two novels Octavia Butler, Kindred (book)Cixin Liu, The Three-Body Problem (book)into consideration, some suggestive questions arise to try andaddress in your essay: e.g., How does history show itself in what I’m making now? Howis my work of the present involved with both the past(memory) and the future(imagination)? Given my work as one body, and my self as another, what is the crucial”third body””enabling me, the work, and it( this third entity) to relate?You must cite, accurately (using quotation marks, and pCixin Liu, The Three-Body Problemage numbers when appropriate)from three of the sources we shared this semester: either of the three books(Kindred,Amulet, The Three-Body Problem); the essays and stories(John Berger, CatherineMalabou, Jorge Luis Borges, Jean Bachelard, Janice Lee, Naz Cuguoglu, Hito SteyerlJimmy Durham), or videos (Janna Levin, Jimmy Durham) Illustrations are okay, though you still need to meet the minimum word-count. You willstill need to tell us about your work, in writing, as accurately as you can, even withillustrations present Include a Works Cited section at the end of your essay (this section should be in additionto your essay ) Use the MLA In-Text Citations-Purdue OWL (PDF)as a guide when quoting from yoursources

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