SE4004 Safeguarding Children’s Health and Well-being

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Format: • Ensure that all tasks and the reference list are compiled in one Word document. • Use Arial font, size 12 (or ideally 14); line spacing 1.5/ double spaced • Each task needs to start in a new page and you must include the tittle (i.e Portfolio Task 1) and each question should be fully addressed, separately. Write the question, then answer it. • A reference list must be provided for each task at the end of each task. • The word limit is 3000 (+/- 10%) so no more than about 750 words per task • Remember that each point or comment you make must be supported with evidence from your reading (books, articles, statistics) and you should show links to practice (setting, your experience and the EYFS 2014 ) whenever you can. BEFORE YOU START PLEASE CHECK: – FORMAT DOCUMENT – Module learning outcomes THERE IS A FEW PICTURES OF HOW THE ESSAY SHOULD BE LAYED OUT AT THE END OF THE MODULE LEARNING OUTCOMES PLEASE PLEASE DO IT THE SAME BUT ADD THE REFERENCING AT THE END OF EACH TASK. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU NEED FURTHER INFORMATION. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE LAYED OUT – Reviewing Portfolio Task 1 The Healthy Child Programme 1. Why are the early years so important for future health? What has supported you in answering this question? E.g. particular readings, sessions 2. What factors are seen to be important for the health of very young children? What sorts of answers have you given? Where has the evidence come from to support your answers? 3. What is seen to be the role of early childhood services? What services are discussed in the HCP?


4. How is children’s health promoted through the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. What does the EYFS say about promoting children’s health? Reviewing Portfolio Task 2 The Marmot Review (2010) 1. According to the Marmot Review, what is the link between health and social inequality? What do you believe is the link? Where is the evidence? What can back up your answer (e.g. references)? 2. Looking at Policy Objective A (Marmot et al, 2010): What is the link between inequality and early child development? In Policy Objective A, what does Marmot highlight as the link? What does he say? Look carefully at the information. 3. What does the Marmot Review regard as the role of early childhood services in reducing inequality? What services does Marmot refer to? How do each of these services help children and families in reducing inequality? 

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