Respond to the post below , incorporate challenges you would anti

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Respond to the post below , incorporate challenges you would anticipate for the proposals, as well as arguments to overcome those challenges. It should be 200 to 400 words with atleast two references APA format :    The U.S. healthcare system needs to make changes in order to benefit more people’s health. People are living longer with more co-morbidities and chronic illnesses. However, we also see individuals at a younger age living with the same chronic illnesses that could have been prevented with proper health screening. The progression of these chronic illnesses could be less rapid if individuals had the proper resources and quality of care they need to live a good quality life. For many individuals, it is too late to be receiving preventative care with their chronic illnesses. Proper screening of symptoms, risk factors and predispositions could have slowed or halted the progression of chronic illnesses. However, individuals may not have had a choice if they do not have proper access to affordable and quality healthcare. If I could propose a plan, I would make it similar to the goals of the ACA’s expansion of Medicaid. I would make this a requirement for all states. Studies show that the ACA’s Medicaid expansion has prevented thousands of premature deaths in low-income individuals annually (Broaddus & Aron-Dine, 2019). In 2019, more than 2 million Americans fell into the coverage gap due to ineligibility for Medicaid and the state’s decision to not expand Medicaid (Garfield, Orgera and Damico, 2020). These are two million people who were unable to take advantage of primary or preventative care. Without proper screening, individuals miss the window of making lifestyle changes before the progression and diagnosis of a chronic illness. This then focuses on more expensive treatments to treat the disease rather than catching it early, resulting in more healthcare costs annually. I understand that this proposed plan is easier said than done. The idea of Medicaid expansion has obviously been turned down before, primarily in southern states. I would do my best to advertise the importance of my Medicaid expansion-like plan. I would attempt to grasp the attention of minorities and individuals of low-income. However, I would also attempt to display findings in previous studies of the benefits of Medicaid expansion in the north to those who disapprove of the idea. I would then extend on that by illustrating the negative impacts everyone faces for those who arrive to the emergency room to get treatment that could have been prevented in primary care. Going to the emergency room for treatments would result in increased healthcare costs annually and take up a bed in the emergency room for someone who may really need it, resulting in increased wait times. Accidents can happen at any time and we all are getting older and watching out for loved ones who can get sick at any time. I figure this might be the best approach to grasp the attention of the opposers of a Medicaid expansion type of plan. I imagine this will attract many democrat’s attention. However, this may be more of a problem to attract the republicans vote. Again, I would advertise as much as I could to bring awareness to republicans that their healthcare and their loved one’s healthcare might be negatively affected by not expanding this proposed plan. I hope that would result in a lot of positive publicity, making my proposed plan sound the most beneficial plan for most individuals.

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