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Description Question – Consider the contemporary challenges from the perspectives of children’s rights: GLOBAL REFUGEE CRISIS (MASTER DEGREE ESSAY) 1. use formal legal language and style cite all all authorities appropriately. use published source, especially journals they are always more authoritative. failure to apply correct spelling, grammar, citation and good structure will be penalised. this is legal essay thus, use legal sources, including international instruments and published academic research to inform your analysis . include bibliography and completed reference in the footnotes. 1st phase in the introduction talk about the key issues in global children refugee crisis and talk about how the essay is going. the rationale why you approach the topic raise question? . 2nd phase general subject matter, find articles that are useful and more recent piece of articles dont use website!!!! use article that are over the world remember global refugee specific about articles you use focus on academic literature. think about the structure of the piece, your basic idea that you want to put out there, proof the point with what the law say, then draw your own conclusion. E.g it can be concluded so so point… or so so point have significant weight to view that … do not be afraid to disagree or argue against the articles view. .Do not t over rely on one source, be diversify in the material you are using. Final phase – reflect on all over again, do no duplicate, give more information rather than duplicate . E.G. court found that …. AUTONOMOUS OF CHILD’S DECISION, DEFINITION OF CHILD, CHILD RIGHT IN MIGRATIONREFUGEE CONVENTION, AGE THE LEVEL OF PROTECTION GIVEN TO THE CHILD DEPENDS ON AGE. .THE STATE WILL LIKE TO KNOW THE AGE SO THAT THEY CAN ASCRIBED GUARDIAN. UNCERTAINTY WHAT DID THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SAY, HOW IS IT DONE. LANGUAGE BARRIER QUESTION? TRAUMA, CHILD FRIENDLY TECHNIQUES, IS THE CHILD WITH FAMILY, UNACCOMPANIED /SEPARATED, ALONE AND FEAR AND ANXIETY, VULNERABILITY, GUARDIANSHIP, CHILD PROTECTION.REFUGEE LAW/IMMIGRATION WILL DEMAND AN APPLICATION FOR CERTAIN STATUS AND THE SOCIAL WORKERS WILLBE IN CHARGE, IT CAN BE REALLY DIFFICULT. THE ROLE OF TRAFFICKING HAS MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE. (THIS ARE MY NOTE FROM CLASS).

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