Reflective Paper- Analysis of Commanding Heights: Battle of Ideas

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Description Course Paper Directions: This will be a somewhat of a reflective paper and as such, you will write an analysis of the movie you will watch in the course room (Commanding Heights: Battle of Ideas, Part I). You may watch this movie as many times as you wish to help you develop the background for your course paper. Here is the link: Now, this YouTube presentation is nearly two hours in length. Please make note of this. This is why you need to start watching this at your earliest convenience, take notes, etc. Now, this paper is to be an in-depth analysis of the movie’s information, primarily from your perspective as well as integrated theory. This means that you can use first, second and third person pronouns. Now, you will still need to use proper APA 6th or MLA 8th convention, but to a degree, this is centered on the idea of a reflection. In addition, you will need to work in at least two course theoretical concepts and link those concepts into your paper. This part needs to be in-depth and should be very theoretical in nature. You will also need to integrate some research into all of this, as to validate the theory. So and in addition to the reflection, you will also need to conduct research in the Grand View Library (electronic) and identify and integrate at least two peer-reviewed (scholarly) sources (not your textbook or the movie) into your work too. Your paper is to meet proper COMP 101 convention and protocols. It is to be about six pages of main content. (Cover pages, reference/bibliography pages, etc., will not count.) You may need to include graphs and the like to support your position, however, these will not replace pages either. It must follow either APA 6th or MLA 8th protocols. (Appendix A of the course syllabus is the basic format/template you will need to follow. This is also shown below!) This paper is worth 100 points, so please, do a good job here. This is a great way to summarize your learning from the course. Finally, no late papers accepted. Please plan accordingly! General Format The following is the template for the course paper (formatted in accordance with APA 6th or MLA 8th style). The components (in order please) are to be used to divide up the project and should serve as section headings: Cover Page (for papers in APA 6th format) Introduction Analysis of the Movie Discussion of Concepts and Theories and Their Ties To the Movie’s Theme(s) Lessons Learned Conclusion References (APA 6th) or Works Cited (MLA 8th) Note: Please attempt to use technology to develop drawings, charts, etc. If you use tables or figures within the main content, please follow APA 6th or MLA 8th convention! Please upload your final course paper to the Course Paper link under the Week Eight Module. Your faculty member will then grade the item and post a grade into the grade book. Please see Appendix A of the course syllabus for a general format.

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