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For this first part of the project, your manager has asked you to re-design the existing network to accommodate a single vendor solution using Cisco equipment with the following network characteristics:

Support for newly constructed building across the street via fiber
Support for BYOD devices using the Cisco MDM Solution
Aggregation Services to COLO Data Center using the existing Metro Ethernet Connections
Future support of emerging M2M and 4G/LTE Technologies
In addition, your manager has asked you to isolate the backbone from the office, wireless, BYOD, and future M2M/4G-LTE network interfaces and implement OSPF routing with secure authentication. Your manager also heard about a recent attack using layer 2 protocols and asked for recommendations to be made to protect against such attacks.

Begin your project by reviewing the current network in the Network Diagram. Carefully review your readings on how to transform the existing network into a standardized, best practices based network.





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