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  1. Transform the EER model (Appendix A in the following page) to Relational tables, making
    sure you show all the steps. The final set of tables should contain necessary information such
    as table names, attribute names, primary keys (underlined) and foreign keys (in italics).
  2. a) Implement the tables in the ORACLE Relational DBMS. When creating tables make sure
    you choose appropriate data types for the attributes and specify any null/not null or other
    constraints whenever applicable.
    b) Write one insert statement for each of your tables using realistic data. Make sure you take
    into consideration all the necessary constraints.
  3. Apply Normalization Techniques (Bottom-Up approach) on the user views provided in
    Appendix A, B, C and D of assignment 1 part 1 specification. Clearly show individual steps
    of UNF, INF, 2NF, 3NF and BCNF. List the final tables.
    Discuss the differences between the result of the top-down approach from question 1 above
    and the result of the bottom up approach (Normalization result). Provide some analysis on
    why they are similar or different for this particular problem.

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