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Each reading response should be between 500-700 words in length, double-spaced formatting with 12pt font. In addition to the reading response (not part of the word count), between three and five discussion questions should be posed. For these submissions no additional research or sources are necessary aside from the course readings, course lectures, and other course material that is posted to Blackboard. These weekly assignments are intended as an opportunity for you to demonstrate your critical thinking skills and develop your ability to make connections between complex concepts and ideas. As your knowledge builds throughout the term, I encourage you to reference readings, topics, and discussion from previous weeks and link them to the current week’s topic. This assignment is also intended to prepare you to actively engage during the in class discussion time on Mondays. See the grading rubric for additional guidance on the assessment of the submission. The length of the assignment is intentionally designed to be brief. The strongest submissions will be carefully written and edited and provide a critical, yet comprehensive perspective on the weekly topic. As such, please leave extra time for writing and editing your assignment before submitting it. Office hours are available to assist you in developing your assignment. The instructor office hours can be helpful for developing conceptual connections between the topics and reading material. Additionally, to assist with writing, citation, and research for other assignments please utilize the many resources available at the university.
All submissions must use proper citations, attributing credit to the original source of an idea or quotation that is not your own. It is your responsibility to be familiar with proper citation standards and there are multiple style guides available to assist you in developing this skill set. Please use a consistent citation style, most courses in the geography department use MLA or APA citation formatting. A widely used style guide is A Writer’s Reference (2015) by Diana Hacker. The reading response must include at least 3 discussion questions and correct citation (MLA or APA)
Reading: 1. Cervero, R. (1998) “Transit and the Metropolis Finding Harmony.” in Wheeler and Beatley (eds). 2014. Urban Sustainability Reader. p. 153-160
The other two were attached in file on the mail ( so the total is three readings)

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