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Assessment 2: Portfolio: Quality Management in Practice. Assessment 2 is an individual assignment which takes the form of a portfolio. Over the course of the Unit, a list of questions relating to the various aspects of project quality will be progressively built. You must answer all five questions listed below and prepare no more than 1,000 words to answer each question. The deadline for Assignment 2 is listed in the Unit Plan. Answer all five questions in the following list: 1. The crash of Concorde, flight 4590 marked the end of a flight era along with a great loss of life. An investigation revealed a number of quality issues that contributed to the crash. Identify three causal issues related to quality, and discuss each with reference to Project Quality theory and relevant existing published academic research. 2. Using existing published literature, compare and contrast the roles played by Quality Assurance and Quality Control in a typical project to construct a new house. 3. Quality theorist Joseph Juran was a pioneer in the study of quality control. One of his defining works was “The Juran Trilogy”. Research the philosophy behind the trilogy, identify its components and suggest how its application could assist project quality. 4. With reference to the history of Project Quality Management, discuss with reasons whether you agree with the following statement by quality theorist Philip B Crosby: “Quality is Free”. 5. Using established management self-reflection techniques, explore your approach to Project Quality by examining assignment work you have produced for either this unit or a previous unit of postgraduate study.

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