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HCA 459.2- Provide a substantive response to at least two of your peers who chose opposite functions or performance management tools. In what ways were your approaches similar, and it what ways did they differ?

1. Silvernale-A big part of managerial function as related to performance improvement is making sure that all new hires are a good fit for the facility. This starts with the initial interview, references and background checks. When an offer of employment is excepted, all new hires are given their job description. Within the job description is a list of what is expected of the employee (Leibler & McConnell. 2017). Most organizations have a probationary period. During this time, attendance and job performance is kept track of. A good way to improve performance are incentive programs, bonuses and PTO time. By offering these motivators, management should see an improvement in performance. When a n employee is working at a sub-par level, meeting with the employee and listening to their concerns could also help with their performance. Management has the control to dictate how many sick days an employee is allowed before reprimands are given. All of this information should be included in the new hire packet. If an employee’s attendance is an issue, again, meeting with the employee to learn the why behind it shows compassion and show the employee that management cares about their well-being.

2.Hart– All health care systems and facilities should operate under the same goals and mission statement.  This will ensure the success of the practice. If a health care facility has multiple aspects and entities involved within , it is important that all the areas operate to meet the same goal and it should be done in a way that is universal throughout the system to ensure consistency. In order for this process to occur, leaders must establish these standards . Guidelines should be set in place throughout the facility so it is known what is expected of employees in services and what is not allowed.  For example, there should be policies in place for tardiness and absences etc. Employees should know the successful operations are dependent on their reliability. Furthermore , other guidelines such as education, skill level  and compliance training must also be made aware to employees. This would bring management into the next phase of control process. Employees should be evaluated routinely to ensure they are following the guidelines of the facility to operate under the mission statement. Employees should know if they are weak in certain areas and also when they are going above and beyond their job description. They should be able to maintain their everyday duties with ease and be evaluated on them. Furthermore, they should be offered more training if needed or given standard raises to give them incentive to continue working to their full potential. Surveys may be issued to patients and customers after services rendered. This is another way for leaders to control the happenings within their department and for employees to consistently operate under mission statement and guidelines.

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