Project 2 – Connecting the Dots Instructions

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You are assistant manager of the communications department at Stronger Memorial Hospital. You help to create and coordinate much of the hospital’s internal and external communication, including the internal e-newsletter that is produced for hospital staff each month. You also assist staff members with various communication tasks that arise. The material you create often requires that you consult staff members and conduct research to gain a better understanding of the topics you cover, and you enjoy presenting the information in varied formats, from print to video.


Your “Global Health Primer” article in the newsletter was a hit! Many staff members have expressed their thanks for the information and have asked for more. Your boss has suggested that you provide more global health information in an upcoming edition of the newsletter, but this time through a video that will be electronically linked with the newsletter. You turn once again to Dr. Delgado for advice, and she suggests that your video explain and describe the following:

how the globalization-related factors of increased travel, international trade and worldwide communication have affected patterns of the spread of disease, giving specific examples related to HIV/AIDS and diabetes

how globalization has changed the methods needed to control disease, providing at least three examples



Include images in your video, such as charts, tables or other graphics that you create, and record your voice as you provide a voiceover explanation of the items on Dr. Delgado’s list. Create original slides, graphics and narrative text to organize and clarify the material, and properly cite any sources you use. Your video should be about five minutes long.





Reading material for the assignment and for APA citation.


Globalization and Risks to Health

This resource provides information that you might find useful as you work through this Project.


Global Movement

Refer to this resource for information on globalization and health.

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