Principles of strategic management and health promotion

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You are asked to apply the principles of strategic management and health promotion to develop a proposal for a project that will create a new diabetes-related program that uses health promotion strategies.


You will need to identify an area of need in your current area of practice and develop a proposal for a service delivery project aimed at addressing this need. The proposal will be submitted to your ‘Manager’ for funding. The proposal will need to be well thought out, as resources are often limited and health education alone can be labour intensive; you will need to think outside of the box and incorporate health promotion strategies to address the area of need identified. Your proposal should be clear in highlighting the significance of the need, as well as the evidence-based rationale for the program and the measures proposed.


Task instructions


Please follow the steps below to complete the assignment:


Familiarise yourself with the community accessing the health service and identify an area of need (you may have noticed something already in your practice, or consider talking to your colleagues/ supervisors)


Review the marking rubric provided and use the headings and criteria for developing your proposal

Utilise the resources provided in the modules as well as your own research to inform your proposal development


Note: appendices are not included in your word count. You may like to include your timeline, budget and any evaluation resources as appendices.


As a health practitioner, it is vital to ensure that our practice is based on current evidence and best practice. Ensure that your answers include appropriate evidence and rationales to support them.


Marking rubric


The marking rubric is located at the end of this document. Please take the time to review this before, during and after you write your assessment, to ensure that you have a clear idea of the expectations of the task. Your paper will be marked according to this rubric. A guide has been incorporated into each section to assist with your understanding, as well as to help you understand your feedback.


Some tips for writing assignments


Ensure that your writing is clear. It is worth writing, and rereading out loud the next day. Consider giving the report to a family member or friend unconnected with your studies – if it is logical and makes sense for them you have probably been clear.


Plan your report and write with headings and linking sentences. When writing academically, your information should flow from one area to the next in a logical sequence to enable the reader to follow your reasoning and understanding




Ensure that you include factual information in your report – we are looking for you to demonstrate your understanding of the topic, as well as your ability to apply it. Therefore, write your understanding of the topic, ensuring that your information comes from a credible source and that you have included all of your sources as appropriate citations. I.e. if you are defining nausea and vomiting – you must include the reference that you have used, rather than just describing what you think nausea and vomiting entails.


Ensure that it is referenced appropriately. Academic plagiarism is taken very seriously, and although you don’t need to stress about it, you should review the expectations before writing your assignment.



















































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