Politics and Children’s Literature

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 Considered a variety of themes present in Children’s Literature and film. In particular 1) authority, 2) gender and 3) race/culture. In this essay you are asked to offer what you think are the best and worst examples of children’s literature and film dealing with each of these three themes. To do this you will first have to establish and defend a criterion for determining what makes a book or film good and bad regarding these themes. In other words, how would you know it is a good example of children’s literature or film addressing the question of how to respond to authority? What qualities would it need to have to address race/culture in a good way? Likewise, what would make a bad story or film for children when considering the issue of race? You will establish these criteria for each of the three themes; then show how your choice upholds good elements of that theme (best), or hurts our understanding of that theme (worst). Once you have offered a criterion for assessment, 2 examples (best and worst) for each theme; conclude by suggesting what actions you might take to steer children toward the “best” and away from the worst.

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