Poetry: W.B. Yeats & Philip Larkin selected poems

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 Instruction: By “paragraph” I mean: a few sentences to half a page to no more than a page (double space). Instructions: Each title in bold is a short poem and each poem is attached individually. Use the poems to answer all of the questions. At the end of each question the requirement is stated: paragraph, phrase, sentence, etc…… THERE ARE 6 Questions Thank you ARUDNDEL TOMB 1)Which two lines in stanza 2 finally announce that main subject/topic of the poem “Arundel Tomb”? What one word/noun would you use describe the topic/subject of the poem? Also list the two lines below Subject/Topic: Two lines: ARUDNDEL TOMB 2) In stanza 3, Larkin rejects the idea of transcendent (ever-lasting) love? How? Which lines indicate the possibility of transcendence of love and which lines retract/undercut that position. List Lines that show “transcendence of love”: Lines that undercuts it: ARUDNDEL TOMB 3) The last line “What will survive of us is love” of the last stanza, in “Arundel Tomb” stirs up the reader’s longing to believe in the transcendent power of love. But, in fact, the whole point of the last stanza is to “prove” the exact opposite. Discuss the last stanza and bolster your argument by bringing in evidence from stanza 3. (Paragraph or more) WHITSUN WEDDING 4)What happens to “time” in the first stanza? Indicate by which line time becomes “______” (use the appropriate adjective)? ( a few sentences) HERE 5)What seemingly “Gathers to the surprise of a large town”? Is it the speaker of the poem? Or possibly a word repeated in the previous stanza more than once? Why is this an unusual feature of this poem ( A sentence or more) HERE 6)What theme or topic do “The Lake Isle of Innisfree” and “Sailing to Byzantium” share? WHEN YOU ARE OLD Other than spurning the poet’s love, “you,” seems to have no agency in the poem? Show why the stanza 2 (middle stanza) shows absolute passivity of the “you”? Also can you find evidence for this lack of agency in the first and 3rd stanzas as well? (A few sentences )

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