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Please respond to  each  question 2-3 sentences  
1) What is your insight on feminism
 2) Bostock v. Clayton what is this case about
3) What is the definition of an “intersex” individual?
4)What is the “modern paradigm of care” for intersex individuals? How does it compare to how intersex individuals were typically treated prior to the 1960s?
5)What does the report allege are the physical and psychological consequences of the modern paradigm of care?
6) In the case  Rutgers,  What does the Court say about the judiciary’s role in creating social change in America, especially relative to the legislative branch?
7) What are Paula Ettelbrick’s arguments against same-sex marriage? Why is she concerned about the focus of the LGBTQ activist community on that issue?
8) Goodridge?  What “test” or “standard” does the dissent say the Court is in fact using? On what constitutional principles does the Court rule in Obergefell?
9) What do the dissents in Obergefell – particularly Roberts’ dissent – say about the the role of the judiciary in our political system?
10)What does Wollstonecraft say about physical differences between men and women?
11)How does Wollstonecraft argue it will also be to the benefit of men and children if women share in the rights and responsibilities left only to men?
12)What does de Beauvoir mean by “one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman”?
13) Women are approximately half the population, so one can’t argue they have been discriminated against because they are a minority (compared to, for example, Black people in the United States, or Jews in many countries). What does de Beauvoir say about how it has come to be that men are able to dominate women, given women are half of the population?
14) What does Monique Wittig mean when she says a feminist is someone who fights for the disappearance of women as a class (363)?
15) What does Wittig mean when she says the concept of “lesbian” is beyond the categories of sex (365)?
16) Think about the bias in medicine video in relation to Beauvioir’s The Second Sex. How do Beauvoir’s observations relate to the issues in that video?
17) How does Butler explain her claim that gender is “performative”? 1
18) What does Caster Semenya’s situation have to say about biological definitions of “male” and “female”?



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